Designing A Difference's (DaD) mission is to create job opportunity and employment for people with employment barriers, through a Workforce Training Program and Apparel Manufacturer. The goal is to create a system that leads people into stable lifestyles through employment, while simultaneously developing the local apparel manufacturing industry. 

By developing an apparel manufacturer and creating jobs in the City, Designing A Difference is creating a system that will provide employment, make a impact on the rising homeless count, clear up shelter beds, improve the local apparel manufacturing industry, generate income and offer people with employment barriers an opportunity to enter the workforce. 

Ultimately, by creating jobs, Designing A Difference is stopping the cycle of homelessness and creating a real opportunity of stability for those who need it most.



Organization Details


1. Workforce Training Center

We are a year round Workforce Training Center providing complete training and job placement in the apparel industry, with an emphasis in apparel manufacturing. We provide training in apparel construction, manufacturing, cutting and retail; providing hands on retail & manufacturing experience through out the program. 

The goal is to provide our students with the skills and certification that will allow them the opportunity of employment in the apparel industry and extend opportunity of direct employment in the Designing A Difference apparel manufacturer.

2. Contract Manufacturer

Designing A Difference is an operating contract manufacturer that provides cut and sew services for apparel brands and fashion designers. Contact us today to place an order. Info@designingAdifference.org The contract manufacturer employs the graduates of the Workforce Training Center.

3. #HashtagLunchbagSF

#HashtagLunchbagSF is a movement utilizing social media to bring awareness and eliminate hunger in inner cities with high homeless populations. Designing A Difference funds and runs the Bay Area program, hosting monthly events by gathering volunteers to make and distribute lunches to those in need.


Our Story 

#HashtagLunchbagSF received an overwhelming amount of support from the community, which developed into a strong, consistent group of volunteers and funders, making every month more successful than the last. Making headlines and catching the attention of dozens of news, media and press outlets, exposing the cause of helping our hungry neighbors in need. The movement received a tremendous amount of support from sponsors which include Golden State warriors, Citi Bank, NFL Alumni Association and many more, providing over 25,000 lunches!

The support received through this movement empowered the founder Rebecca Cahua to do more, she realized her ability to effectively gather people to make change but more important she noticed that people were ready to be part of that change. Cahua brainstormed and researched for a year and created a model that would not only leverage her efforts but the efforts of dozens of local non profits.

She combined her background in the fashion industry with her passion to help others she figured the best way to improve two very different situations, was to fuse them together to create a simultaneous solution. This is how the idea of "Designing for a Difference" was created.

Her background consist of a bachelors degree in Apparel Design & Merchandising and received her Masters in Consumer Sciences.



Homelessness in the City is an issue that can not be hidden. There are over 6,400 accounted homeless living in San Francisco and you can almost guarantee that you will run into a homeless person in every neighborhood of San Francisco. They are everywhere and it has been like this for decades. The improvement over the years has been minimal, despite the cities strong efforts.

The apparel manufacturing industry is the other issue in San Francisco that has significantly decreased since the 1980's. Since then, most of the apparel manufacturing businesses has transitioned to overseas manufacturing. Domestic and local apparel manufacturing options are limited and apparel manufacturing business are constantly shutting down. Because of this, 100's of graduating fashion industry students, brands and designers relocate out of the Bay Area every year. 


 By developing the local fashion industry and employing those in need, we will all be

 "Designing A Difference."


Ready to help?

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